Looking for something indoors? We offer a wide selection of talks and programs on Chinese history and culture for companies, schools, and groups. From topics ranging from Beijing's past to China's future, our talks are fun, entertaining, and informative. Each topic is deeply researched but delivered in a lively and interactive style sure to be a hit with your audience. We produce talks and workshops for all ages and group sizes. Each program is tailored for your specific group. We also offer workshops on cross-cultural communication and adaptation. These workshops are hands-on introductions to living and studying abroad and are based on over a decade of experience working with international students and travelers in Beijing.

A Selection of Topics from Past Workshops and Talks

  • Lawyers, Guns, and Money: The Opium Wars and China’s Century of Humiliation
  • God’s Chinese Son: Hong Xiuquan and the Taiping Rebellion
  • A (VERY) Short History of Beijing
  • The Emperor and the Lama: Politics and Religion in Beijing and Lhasa
  • China’s Modern History (And Why it Matters to You)
  • The Historical Roots of Chinese Nationalism
  • Five Forgotten Figures (Who We Really Ought to Remember) in Chinese History
  • Mao more than Ever: The Chairman’s Legacy in Today’s China
  • Popular Support in Contemporary China 

Talks are generally 2-3 hours in length with plenty of time for audience interaction and questions and start at 1500 RMB depending on travel time. We can also host your group in partnership with The Hutong, Beijing's premier cultural center. Hold your talk in a traditional courtyard nestled among Beijing's historic hutong neighborhoods.  


Cross-cultural Adaptation and Communication Workshops

  • Understanding China: An Interactive Primer for Visiting Groups and Delegations
  • Working in China: Strategies for Successful Cultural Adaptation
  • From New to Niu: An Introduction to China for Incoming Students
  • Making the ‘Jing your Jia: An Introduction to Beijing for Spouses and Families.

Most workshops are between 2-4 hours in length with plenty of time for audience activities, interaction and questions. Costs start at 1500 RMB depending on travel time, group size, and length of the program.


Jeremiah Public History Talk
Great Leap Brewing History Talk

What others have said...

Jeremiah is a wonderful teacher - able to convey knowledge and ideas in easily accessible, easy to remember ways.
I really enjoyed Jeremiah’s personal touch. He is a great presenter. Engaging and entertaining!

About Jeremiah

Jeremiah Interview Dutch Television

Jeremiah Jenne is a writer and historian based in Beijing since 2002. He taught Chinese history and philosophy for nearly 10 years. He has written extensively on China for a number of publications including The Economist, The Atlantic Monthly, Journal of Asian Studies, Asia Society, Los Angeles Review of Books, The Beijinger, and the World of Chinese. His work can be found in the anthologies China in 2008: A Year of Great SignificanceThe Insider’s Guide to Beijing, and the 2015 collection While We’re Here: China Stories from a Writer’s Colony. He is a recurring guest on the public affairs podcast Sinica and is frequently asked to speak on Chinese culture and history to company and school groups.  Jeremiah also maintains the popular history and culture website granitestudio.org